Base is sent to your e-mail after payment, typically for 30 minutes after payment, sometimes faster. Make currency exchange one can is there.

The most convenient way to pay for us - it bitcoin payment. purse Address - 15Z2cE1piKgt9e3ShPJabAaDnyiTdYsgkA


Payment via PayPal. purse address-


If you are not registered in this payment system, You can transfer money to any card Visa / Mastercard, or through any payment terminal in cash, selecting Web money, and specify any of the following appropriate purses for translation: E316044035895 (euro), Z156300720958 (dollar), R130631399807 (ruble), U254004506919 (bracelet).

Make a payment from any country in Europe can be is there.

If you pay through your wallet Web Money, in the subject of translation sure to specify, for any base pay, and your e-mail where to send the base.

If you pay through the terminal, send us on our e-mail transaction code, which is indicated in the check, so that we were able to quickly identify your payment and send you to the base e-mail address.

You may not use email database from our website, to send spam and malware. Buying base e-mail, you agree to these rules. Website administration is not responsible for the use of databases for illegal purposes. We hope for your honesty and integrity.

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